Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bacon Presents: Two-Face John McCain

Bacon, being a robot monkey, has the brainpower of the Bat-Computer mixed with a love of chaos that would make the Joker blanch. So it's no wonder than when it came time to find a single unifying storyline for the Obama camp to affix to John McCain, Bacon suggested a comic-book supervillian.

First, a quick word about why the "celebrity" label has been so effective for the McCain camp. It works because it is a simple, single-word phrase that allows the Republicans to attack Obama in several different ways while sticking to a core message. They can say Obama isn't experienced enough ... what celebrity is experienced enough to be president. They can say he's an elitist, that he's out of touch, that his supporters are mere fanboys. It's really pretty brilliant.

The Obama camp has totally failed to do the same to John McCain. They've hit him with a huge number of attacks, from his temper to his oil-based-energy policies to his latest house-gaffe. But they haven't been able to affix a single word or phrase to McCain that encapsulates all of these attacks. Bacon, the little monkey robot genius, has.


By calling McCain Two-Face you at once attack him at his strongest point of being a "straight-shooter" while allowing several avenues of attack. You can hit him for his lobbying ties, wealth, anger, dishonesty, all under the guise of him being "two-faced." A two-faced person is erratic. A two-faced person pretends to be folksy while living in seven or ten houses. A two-faced person pretends to want the best for America while planning for several more wars.

Hell, even a comb-over is two-faced.

I think Bacon is on to something here. And if someone with more photoshop skills than either of us could meld this photo with another McCain face, they'd have a wicked Two-Face campaign poster.

Nice work, Bacon. Put on your rocket-shorts, we're going to see The Dark Knight again.

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